My name is Jonathan, and just like you, I am the Dissemination responsible of our school's internationalization team. I will be your guide through the Dissemination course and materials. Glad you're here, welcome aboard, new colleague!

About Me

Aside from my day-by-day tasks as a teacher, I am responsible for my schools’ and my schools’ activities visibility at local, national and international levels.
I am an extrovert, I like talking with people or in front of a camera, taking pictures and sharing the news. I can create attractive promotional materials and my social media profiles rock. I’m very good at remembering people’s names and building rapport. 

My Tasks

For each international activity carried out by my school (either as a partner or coordinator, involving physical mobilities or online collaboration only), I usually:

-contribute to the creation of the Dissemination Plan, along with the Project Manager/Coordinator;
-identify target-groups for dissemination and reach them through online and offline activities;
-create the visual identity of the project (logo, website, templates, promotional);
-manage the social media channels for my school;
-make sure the principles from the visual identity guide specific to the program under which the project is financed (e.g. Erasmus) are met, that all the logos and disclaimers are where they’re supposed to;

Apart for the activity in specific projects, I am responsible for the overall image of my school at international level: I create and update school presentations, website, promotional materials; I post often on social media; I’m actively seeking for networking opportunities; 

My Education and Expertise 

Communication skills are very important for this position, along with advanced English proficiency. The degree you have doesn’t really matter as long as you’re a good communicator, an active social media user and have some knowledge of graphic design (that’s needed for creating nice promotional materials). You’ll also need Public Speaking Skills, Social Skills, Professional Emailing Skills and lots of Creativity.

My Defects

I like to speak...a lot. And post everything on Social Media. I have so many connections that it's difficult to keep track of everyone. I take pictures of everything and everybody and sometimes this can be a bit annoying for the other team members. I get too enthusiastic sometimes and drown people in news even about minor or not-so-relevant things.

My Key Competences

Here are the key competences we need as dissemination responsibles, and which you will gain by following the training course that I'm going to guide you through. As you can see none of the skills are at 100% as nobody's perfect and there's always room for improvement, but you've got the idea!

Networking and Social Media


Communication Skills incl. EN (Verbal and Written)


Graphics & Promotionals


Social Skills & Relationship Building


Professional Emailing


Got You Interested?

Go to the training course and earn your own certificate!
You can access the training either by using the link below or the button on the upper right corner of this page. Don't forget about the other resources (Downloads and External Resources buttons in the menu)!


Resources for Download

 External Resources

For any questions we are here to help.

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