My name is Christine, and, just like you, I am the Quality Assurance responsible of our school's internationalization team. I will be your guide through the QA course and materials. Glad you're here, welcome aboard, new colleague!

About Me

Aside from my day-by-day tasks as a teacher, I am responsible for ensuring that all the international activities  are taking place in best possible conditions, and that everything meets the quality standards, in terms of reliability, usability, etc.
I like doing everything thoroughly and attention to detail is one of my best assets. I am am optimistic and calm, and I never lose anything. In fact, if somebody else in the team had, I am usually able to tell him/her where their things are. 

My Tasks

For each international project carried out by my school (either as a partner or coordinator, involving physical mobilities or online collaboration only), I usually:
-make sure I read, understand and apply all the quality-related contractual conditions issued by the financer, national authorities and project coordinator;
-draw up a quality assurance procedure and QA standards for each activity/expected output;
-create data gathering tools (such as questionnaires, interwies);
-collect, centralize, interpret data and propose corrective measures if necessary;
-make sure that all the official documents issued are in right order;

My Education and Expertise 

To be a QA a Bachelors Degree at least is necessary. Mine is in Mathematics, but it doesn't matter the field as long as you meet the other criteria.
Also, I'm pretty good with Microsoft Office and a whole bunch of other QA and data anlysis apps. 

My Defects

I'm a perfectionist and sometimes is difficult for me to make compromises even if they're necessary in order to save more important things. I like to have enough time to do everything properly and I don't like to be hurried. There are moments when it's a bit difficult for me to get the big picture. 

My Key Competences

Here are the key competences we need as quality assurance responsibles, and hich you will gain by following the training course that I'm going to guide you through. As you can see none of the skills are at 100% as nobody's perfect and there's always room for improvement, but you've got the idea!

Attention to details


Communication Skills (Verbal and Written)


Data collection/analysis/interpreting


Planning and organizing


Problem solving, sound judgement


Got You Interested?

Go to the training course and earn your own certificate!
You can access the training either by using the link below or the button on the upper right corner of this page. Don't forget about the other resources (Downloads and External Resources icons below)!


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For any questions we are here to help.

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